Theme of the Conference : Marketing in the Next Decade

With the emergence of digital technology, almost every aspect of Marketing management is witnessing huge changes. The very concept of Value proposition, right from idea conceptualisation to the way advertisement have been communicated is going through sweeping changes to an extent that the marketing fundamentals which are being taught at business schools, in its current form, have almost lost their relevance. There are not many text books or other academic assistance materials which can help business schools in this regard. Hence, there is a need to see how the digital technology is shaping the marketing function in the practicing world, as well as, good scholarly works in this regard in order to blend them in the same platform in a way that it can be mutually beneficial. This one-day international conference on 8th January 2018 has a single point agenda to capture the influences the digital technologies have brought on marketing practice and also the academic scholarly works in this regard that can add value to the practicing world.

Objective of the Conference

  • Identify the major developments in marketing domain from practicing perspective in the backdrop of technological advancements and digitalization.
  • Marketing practitioners would be able to appreciate the evidence-based researches undertaken by academic fraternity that may find a productive utilization in the strategies in marketing practice.
  • Organise professional resources to get ready for future changes and challenges in marketing domain from both academic and practicing perspectives.

Who Should Attend

The WeSchool – AIM International Research Conference is designed for the following:

  • Academicians
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Marketing communications and Brand management professionals
  • Marketing analytics and research professionals
  • Customer experience professionals
  • Multi-channel marketing professionals
  • Students and Research scholars
  • Consultants in the area of marketing management
  • Management students

Conference Tracks

The conference invites papers from the following three tracks:

  • Research based papers from academic fraternity in any of the Marketing issues that is appropriate with the theme of the conference. Both conceptual and empirical papers are invited which may be based on quantitative / qualitative approaches.
  • Papers from marketing practitioners reflecting their experience perspectives or innovative Marketing practices
  • Case studies

Call for Papers

The papers are invited from the following themes with digital marketing perspective:

  • Leveraging technology for marketing advantage
  • Impact of current digital trends on marketing practices
  • Future trends of Digital Marketing
  • Building a sustainable marketing strategy
  • Inbound marketing and sales strategy
  • Enhanced brand experiences and better connect with customers
  • Engaging and fostering a loyal customer base
  • Marketing psychology, customer experience and brand building
  • Changing trends in marketing research and digital marketing analytics
  • Risk & Opportunity in the Era of the Empowered Customer
  • Multi-channel strategies for growth
  • Challenges and opportunities in Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing trends in a 'experience economy'
  • Social Media/Digital marketing applied in various sectors like – financial services/travel and tourism/hospitality/entertainment etc
  • Data driven marketing
  • Transition from traditional marketing methods to technology enabled methods

Conference Committee


  • Prof.Dr. Uday Salunke, Group Director, WeSchool


  • Shri. Jayant Shah, Business Director, AIM
  • Prof.Dr. K. Janardhanam, Director, Bangalore University
  • Prof.Dr. D.N.S. Kumar, Director Research, Christ University, Bengaluru
  • Prof.Dr. Ashish Chandra, Professor, University of Houston,, CLEAR-LAKE, USA
  • Prof.Dr. Narendra Rustagi, Professor, Howard University, Washington D.C. USA
  • Prof.Dr. Bill Stroube, Professor, University Of Evansville, USA
  • Prof.Dr. Samuel S.Paschall, Associate Dean, Howard University, USA
  • Prof.Dr. David Wyantt, Belmont University, USA


  • Prof.Dr. Madhavi Lokhande, Dean, WeSchool, Bengaluru
  • Prof.Dr. D.N.Murthy, Dean Marketing Area & Research, WeSchool, Bengaluru



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